Stump Carvings

A large part of what I do is travelling all over the United Kingdom to private gardens, estates or parks etc to carve tree stumps that have been left after the top part of a tree has been removed.

What can be created?

I specialize in nature based carvings but I can carve anything the client has in mind from abstract to furniture. Please see my photos and videos for examples.


Stump Carvings range depending on size and complexity but start at £450 per day. Each carving can be tailored to meet your budget and design.
If you have a stump that you would like to be carved and you would like more info on what can be achieved and how long it would take, please email me with a photo of the stump and approximate specifications (diameter and height), also any initial ideas that you may have would be very helpful.
This information can be sent to [email protected]